Benefits of Outsourcing a Medical Dictation Services During COVID-19

July 27, 2020

The country today is dealing with public health emergency due to the spread of the pandemic- Covid 19. It has taken the medical world by a storm and increased the workload for the medical staff. The hospitals are flooded with patients and maintaining the medical records of every patient is difficult. However, with effective medical dictation services, medical practitioners can ease up their work.

What are the medical dictation services?

Medical dictation services or transcription involves recording the important patient data including the medical history, reports, diagnosis and treatment into voice recorders and transferring them to the experts to get them transformed into written notes. It saves considerable time and efforts of the clinicians. The hospitals can either keep a separate staff member for the work or simply outsource the task to professionals.

Benefits of outsourcing during COVID-19

Outsourcing the dictation work is a better option as it offers many benefits as compared to recording the data yourself or keeping a regular staff member for the same. Some of the benefits of outsourcing the medical dictation services during the tough time of COVID-19 are:

  1. Quality: The doctors are already overburdened with an increased number of patients. In such a situation, if they will have to work on the record maintaining as well, then the quality of treatment provided to the patients will deteriorate. With outsourcing, the medical staff can easily concentrate on treating more patients and providing quality treatment.
  2. Cost: By outsourcing the dictation services, the clinicians can reduce the costs considerably. They won’t have to pay additional salary in the time of the cash crunch. The service providers mostly charge only according to the work and there are no fixed costs.
  3. Reduced workforce: With the social distancing norms, the organisations are advised to keep fewer staff members. In such times, the organisations can follow the guidelines by keeping the staff minimum and outsourcing all the other services.
  4. On-time delivery: Due to the increased workload, the clinicians and in-house staff might not be able to deliver the transcribed documents promptly. However, the experts providing medical dictation services can deliver the documents within the stipulated time. This helps to ensure an efficient revenue cycle and quick reimbursements from the insurance companies.

Outsourcing medical dictation services can considerably reduce the burden of medical service providers by enabling them to focus on other important issues. No matter if the work is too much or too less, the medical service providers can keep up with the pace of the work by outsourcing the dictation services to experts. There is no unnecessary worry about hiring new staff for additional work.

Eyered transcription is the leading medical dictation service provider. It has a team of experts who can handle the bulk of data during this tough situation of COVID-19 pandemic. The experts are equipped to work efficiently and offer a 12 hour turnaround time. The services are highly affordable and are priced at just 7 cents per line. Eyered offers the best outsourcing option with complete security and accuracy.

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