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March 4, 2019


Still searching for a company to take care of your transcription needs? Or maybe you still can’t quite decide what company to choose? Look no further. At Eyered Transcription, we know what you need in a medical transcription service provider. We’ve got you covered.


We know business is fundamentally about satisfying your patient’s needs. That means providing them with topnotch medical consultation and treatment services. However, if you run your own medical practice or a part of hospital staff and there simply aren’t enough hands on board—some on leave, some might have come down with the flu—you’ll need help. Instead of doing your own transcription, why not consider sending that task over to us? Given our experienced and talented team, we’ll gladly take over the work for you. At Eyered Transcription, you can count on us to provide you with accurate results.


We’ve been in the business since 1999. Over the years, we’ve worked with doctors, hospitals, along with other reputable healthcare organizations not only in the U.S. but also across Canada as well as Australia. This has allowed us to gain a unique insight into the industry: how it works, the most effective way to produce results, among other things. Our team of 300 medical transcribers and quality analysts are all experienced and trained to deliver the best work they can. If you want a medical transcription service provider that has valuable industry experience in spades, Eyered Transcription makes for a fine choice.

Fewer Delays

Switching from one editor to another often causes delays and downtime. It’s a necessary drain on productivity, though, since our editors need to familiarize themselves with your data, your business, to ensure they do the job right. However, we understand that in business, delays cost money. Delays don’t make our clients happy. To reduce those delays, we assign your work to the same team of transcriber and editor. This ensures continuity as well as less downtime so you’re able to meet your deadlines. Giving you the same people to work with also helps build familiarity so it’s easy to catch an error or two in the product. At Eyered Transcription, we make it easy for you to run your business.

Fast Delivery

Have work that requires tight turn-around schedules? We have 24-hour turn-around schedule that allows you to get results you need faster. Want it faster? Tell us and we’ll find a way to adjust the timetable and accommodate your request for an extra charge. We’re determined to provide you with an exceptional experience. That means trying our hardest to ensure we get you everything you need.


Who would’ve thought talk and text would die out and mobile Internet succeed? More people these days use their smartphones to access the Internet and do a lot of things online: shop, browse, read or communicate. Why does that matter to us? Our priority is always to understand our customers. That’s why, after finding out how much of our target market use their smartphones for their online activities, we put our heads together and came up with a free app. Download it right into your smartphone and you can handily transfer the dictations you need us to work on directly onto our servers. Yes, all via an app, one that comes free of charge. This is because we understand where the trend and the latest technologies are headed and we want to make sure you and your business aren’t left behind. At Eyered Transcription, we believe in connecting with our clients—like you—on the communication channels and platforms that matter to you. So let us get started on those orders—by downloading the app. It works with both android and apple smartphones too.


Businesses that learn how to take advantage of newer and more emergent technologies fare better. That technical expertise gives them an excellent competitive edge over the rest in the market. That’s the advantage we bring to our clients as well. At Eyered Transcription, we train our staff to work with the best technologies and tools available out there. And that includes training them in the use of different CRMs, platforms, and tools.

Cost Savings

Finally, we also offer you tremendous cost savings. Don’t want to hire someone full time for the transcription services? Or maybe some of your staff were simply called out or come down with the flu and you haven’t got anyone else qualified to take up the slack? Instead of hiring more full-time staff that could shrink your bottom line, rely on outsourcing companies like Eyered Transcription to help you get the job done and only at a fraction of the cost you normally would’ve set aside for the same service if done by local medical transcription service providers.

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March 4, 2019


When it comes to preserving and observing excellence in medicine, cardiologists are among the top in their bracket. Maintaining a high-quality cardiology clinic takes skill, discipline, and a fair amount of management. At times, the tasks handed to a single cardiologist can be overwhelming – significantly so – to the point that outsourcing becomes a real option.

An example is medical transcription. Transcribing medical procedures and records is an absolute must in the world of medicine, but getting the job done right is a matter of hiring a true professional. You can’t skimp out of transcription services, and for good reasons.


Cardiology is an exact science – there is no room for error, and mistakes can be punished severely with unsavory consequences. Cardiologists owe it to their patients to take the utmost care and diligence in their duties – and that extends to making sure other people in their clinic do their job right, as well. Hiring a dedicated, professional and reputed firm such as Eyered Transcription to handle cardiology transcription services is a great way to ensure medical accuracy is observed properly.


While transcription services are important to work, they’re not the work of cardiologists. Cutting down on paperwork and focusing on actual practice and medicine can help your clinic better serve its patients, and eliminate hours of your time spent writing hefty reports that are better left in the care of professional writers and transcribers.

More than being a position requiring training, however, it’s also a position that requires proper affiliation. As Rasmussen College notes in a paper on medical transcription as a career path for students, medical transcribers today are more than just focused on transcription. With the drop in medical transcribers over the last decade and the trend towards outsourcing medical transcription, quality is being valued over quantity. They work with doctors to ensure a smoother operation and implement more advanced software to help make data entry more efficient and accurate.


Knowing that you don’t have to worry about keeping track of writing your patient’s paper trail and knowing that you have access to accurate medical transcriptions of all of your procedures can save you the time you need to better treat your clients.


By keeping an accurate, complete record of all patient interactions, you have a system in place through which you can more easily check your patient’s progress, and correctly deem whether improvements are happening, or whether a different treatment should be prescribed. Improper diagnosis or treatment due to an oversight can be life threatening – it’s essential to maintain a complete paper trail to ensure all the data necessary to help a patient is available to you.


With access to better transcription services, you also have access to better, more complete data – and that means a better, more comprehensive overview of your patient’s health.


For both legal and medical purposes, keeping track of any and all unforeseen incidences and accidents can help you improve your clinic’s standards and ensure that it’ll never happen again. Besides video and audio, keeping a transcribed record of happenings in the clinic will help your case in terms of medical insurance, as well, as most professional transcription services are HIPAA compliant.


Professional medical transcription services are trained and hired to formulate, organize and present patient data. It’s up to you and your procedures to do the medical work and save your patient, but your job is made much easier – and more qualitative – by the involvement of a professional transcriber and their system.

With the introduction and development of Speech Recognition Technology, some might think medical transcribers are becoming obsolete – but the technology is far from it, as the American Health Information Management Association notes.

More than an assistant, a well-trained medical transcriber can help you in all the areas your experience and knowledge isn’t as needed or relevant – and that includes properly filing data and adhering to other transcription-relevant requests.


Medical transcription companies value the security of their transcriptions very highly – they have to, after all, as their reputation depends upon it. Patient data is highly confidential and meant to be kept from the prying eyes of any non-involved party – hiring an untrained or freelance medical transcriber increases your chances of risking your patient’s information.

Many people jump into the freelance medical transcription market thinking they can earn more money – but it is a difficult, highly specialized job that requires an understanding of anatomy and knowledge of several fields of medicine and medicinal terminology, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out.

By sticking to professional, well-trained services, you can ensure your client’s data safety – which is a win for you and your clinic’s reputation, as well.

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March 4, 2019


Need help rendering those medical digital files into word documents? Wasting time, trying to find the best transcription solution it the market? Why not hire the experts to take care of this for you. Don’t know where to start looking? Here’s a list of tips you should keep in mind when you look for the transcription service that’s right for you:

  • Get Quality. While we all love the idea of being able to cut down on costs, you wouldn’t want to compromise on quality just to achieve that. Quality that’s less than stellar detracts from the value of your service, whether as a doctor with your own private practice or a physician for healthcare Don’t compromise on standards to cut corners and save on a few dollars in the process. Getting top transcription services, especially for pain management materials, is worth it. With quality services, you inspire the trust and confidence of your clients or patients, both of which are crucial in helping you establish long-term business relationships.
  • Choose Pricing that’s Reasonable. You know going for the lowest-priced service will hardly work to your advantage. Low prices often indicate shoddy transcription quality. So if you’re thinking you’re saving up by getting a service that charges for less, you might just be setting yourself up for repeats and revisions in the long run. Those costs can add up and make you wish you’d gone for a different service. However, there’s no reason to break the bank too. Simply find a comfortable average or compromise between what you need and what your wallet wants and you’re good to go. The key to pulling that off? Do your research. Compare transcription services online. Call them up or ask around. When you’ve compiled a list, narrow it down should be easy. Just make sure to go for what’s reasonable, instead of automatically going for the lowest-priced service.
  • Hire Experience. Make sure the company’s medical transcriptionist and editor have the necessary training to help you. Transcriptionists and editors need to have the proper qualifications and right credentials before they can start. That way, you can avoid any downtime and get your operations running in no time. After all, backlogs cost money. That’s why hiring someone with experience often trumps the prospect of having to train newbies and show them the ropes. While investing in employees this way can bring excellent long-term results, if your business is at a flashpoint or you simply can’t afford to set aside time to train your staff any time soon, then hiring someone with experience ticks off all the boxes in your checklist.
  • Speedy Delivery MattersMake sure to check turnaround times. Does the transcription service take too long? Maybe you can talk it out with them. If that’s not possible or adjustments to the process can’t be made, then maybe it’s better if you look elsewhere.
  • Pick Accurate. Make sure the medical records are 100 percent accurate. That’s one of the major value propositions of transcription services: zero inaccuracies. Because a single inaccurate data could put business negotiations on hold and generally make a lasting impression on clients or patients in the worst way. So when you go pick a transcription service, make sure you’re picking one that demonstrates a long and solid commitment to delivering content that’s as accurate as possible.
  • Ask After Format-Compliancy. Also, don’t forget to ask if the content is HIPAA compliant. How many formats can they work with? Do they offer AVI and ASF or also have ASX, DIC, MPG, RM and SWF available? Making sure they’re compatible with the formats and materials you work with is going to go a long way to ensuring you and that transcription service will enjoy a long professional relationship.

So whether you need someone to transcribe your medical notes or render your voice recordings into word files, make sure to always keep these qualities in mind.


At Eyered Transcription, we offer pain management transcription services, along with neurological and orthopedics transcription. We’ve been satisfying clients since 1999. Today, our team has over 300 medical transcriptionists and editors. We have 7 facilities in major cities around India that keep our people safe and our client’s information protected. We believe in delivering cost-effective, fast and accurate medical transcription services to our clients.


Scouting around for transcription services? Look no further. With our 7 day trial, you can see and experience for yourself how well we can work together. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals will provide you with services for the whole 7-day stretch, at no cost. So if you want to know how we can make a difference in your business, find out by taking part in this free trial.

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March 4, 2019


To those unfamiliar with the term, a transcription company takes care of all your transcription needs – by taking any audio, video, or real-time information, and directly transcribing every word, groan, pause and stutter into the written and typed form. Many companies either try to hire their own transcriber, or they shrug their shoulders and decide that, against better judgment, transcription services are a waste of their time.

Transcription services are more than just a matter of convenience – for many industries, they’re a matter of necessity and standard procedure. And when something is that vital, you want it done right – that’s where a reputable, experienced transcription service comes into play.


The transcription business is a tough one. Freelancers are a dime a dozen, but the quality of their work and the timeliness with which they operate is questionable at best. A dedicated transcription firm has standards to follow, a reputation of several people to uphold, and much more at stake (and to offer) than the lone individual.

Additionally, hiring a transcription service will save you money in the long term, and can even save you time-based on how experienced a freelancer would have been.


Quality transcription services have better controls in-place than an individual employee or self-employed contractor l would – the pressure of meeting deadlines and keeping the work clean and qualitative lies on the company, rather than your business.

If things don’t work out, well. Breaking off a contract with a company is substantially easier to do than fire an employee yourself.


Transcription services might sound trivial, but they play a huge role in keeping your company financially and operationally sound on a legal basis. By having written records of every official business discussion, you ensure that you keep a record of proof for the origin of every idea, concept, and decision the company makes.

This is more than useful in the long term, and if ever a copyright claim, claim of unlawful behavior or audit comes around, you’ll have more than enough evidence hanging around to prove that you’ve done nothing to offend the law.


Transcription services are flexible, and important to a business of any industry – from medical providers such as hospitals and private clinics looking for someone to keep a detailed, perfect written record of every procedure and client, to entrepreneurs and business coaches looking for someone to transcribe their seminars and meetings. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out medical transcribers are often wanted.

Companies hiring can also take advantage of transcription services like Eyered Transcription, by offering an interview transcription for future reference, thus giving employers the ability to make better, more informed choices by allowing them to review each interview individually on paper.


Entrepreneurs and business coaches need marketing material – and they need time. Spending your time as a marketer transcribing video to typing is a waste of that time, especially when you consider how affordable many transcription services can be, as evidenced by the way competition has increased since the introduction of online productivity tools, as a statistic on notes. The return on investment in a transcription service, however, can be invaluable.

Many coaches and entrepreneurs also need ways to easily turn their thoughts and words into grammatically-correct, similarly coherent writing. People can have a gift for speaking but may have trouble putting the same quality on-paper – with transcription services, that worry is eliminated.

Keeping a transcript of seminars and speeches also helps businessmen evaluate their performance on-stage, and keep track of the things they say with more ease than audio or video.


Every business needs to keep dedicated minutes of the meeting position – but what if instead of jotting down the gist of a meeting on a point-for-point basis, the company makes an entire transcript of each meeting? It may sound tedious – but not when you hire a transcription service.

In the hectic environment of lively office meetings, some details tend to be missed, voices can go unheard, and ideas could lose their chance of seeing the light of day. Avoid the mistake of thinking that condensing an entire meeting down into concise bullet points doesn’t risk a loss of quality in the information gathered that morning – don’t take that risk, and make sure every detail is immortalized for future review and consideration.


In the legal profession, keeping a record of everything ever said in any and all business and legal proceedings is essentially a necessary given.

Whether you need a transcript of all communications between themselves and their clients, or whether they need a personal transcript of spoken case notes to avoid losing focus while working on defense, having a talented and grammatically-skilled transcriber working for you through a transcription company can make your job a whole lot easier. As MTatHome notes, professional transcribers can write at a speed of 80-100 words per minute. The efficiency speaks for itself.

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March 4, 2019


Let’s face it, at any one time doctors have to deal with a wide assortment of different cases that adds a lot of work to their already tight schedules. As such, AAFP states that they need all the help that they can get otherwise they will burn themselves out in no time which doesn’t help them, the hospital or the patients they care for. It is based on this that this article focuses on the different ways that hospitals can help in preventing their doctors from burning out.


One of the main reasons why doctors burn out in hospitals is simply because they have been overworked. While it is true that hospitals do have the right to cut expenses whenever they can, they should not do so at the expense of their current doctor’s welfare. As such, it is highly recommended that hospitals at least consider hiring more doctors when it is evident that they are dealing with more patients that they can feasibly handle.


Aside from hiring more doctors, The Happy MD states that it is also advisable that they hire a transcription company to help with the sheer amount of transcriptions that doctors have to deal with on a daily basis. Based on the findings from, it was noted that doctors spend more than two hours a day simply filling out all the necessary transcriptions of their patients. In fact, they often leave this for the last part of the day resulting in them having to put in even more overtime simply for the transcriptions alone. It is based on this that a hospital should consider hiring companies such as Eyered Transcription for work such as urology transcription so that they give their doctors more time to rest.


The role of electronic medical records at the present is that they act as a replacement for the current manual filing and recording system utilized by hospitals and medical institutions. They enable doctors and medical practitioners alike to immediately pull up a patient’s medical history and treatment procedures in a way that results in a more rapid and efficient method of medical treatment. As such, electronic medicals records can be considered an effective means of efficiently and effectively sharing patient data with doctors and medical practitioners.

The problem with having to deal with physical medical records is that it can take up a considerable amount of tim1e just looking for them. While this can be considered as a relatively minor inconvenience, it should be noted that this adds into the time it takes for doctors to properly screen and diagnoses their patients and, as such, having electronic medical records can help considerably in eliminating this sort of problem thereby making the jobs of doctors a lot easier.


The inherent problem with clinical support systems at the present is that even though they improve the performance of nurses and doctors, there is still a distinct difficulty in workflow integration. For example, studies examining the use of clinical support systems have shown that on average there was a tendency in various cases to focus on the functional decision making the core of clinical support systems which inadvertently caused a deficiency in planning how a doctor or nurse would actually use the system. Not only that, clinical support systems are often standalone systems which require employees to stop what they are doing on one system in order to shift to the clinical support system which in effect breaks the workflow and from the doctor’s or nurse’s perspective actually causes more time needed for the research and input to be done.

Another problem with these systems are numerous warnings that keep on appearing which doctors have learned to ignore due to the sheer amount; however, some of the warnings are, in fact, necessary, this causes problems not only for the doctor but also for the patient who may have an allergic reaction to the medication yet the doctor ignored the warning due to irritation. It is due to a combination of these factors that clinical support systems have been in decline over the years. One suggested a method of resolving this could come by fixing the system to make it integrate with other hospital systems and make it far more user-friendly. While yes this can be considered as a large investment by the hospital, it would go a long way towards making the job of doctor’s that much easier.

Given that the current variances in the way in which healthcare is applied in different states as well as the fact that some hospitals at the present simply do not have the funding necessary to implement the changes advocated for in this article, it is understandable that such improvements won’t be seen in some time. However, if hospitals truly want to prevent their doctors from burning out, they should at least consider some of the proposed changes.

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