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June 14, 2019

Healthcare Reform The Future of Medical Transcription

Today, health care is one of the fastest growing industries and within the health care industry; one of the domains that has revolutionized and risen to the pinnacle is the medical transcription industry!

Medical transcription has constantly for a decade been one of the most booming domains of the health care industry but with the advent of new technology and President Obama’s health care reforms, the future of medical transcription has been under a lot of debate. If you have been associated with the medical transcription industry (either as a medical transcriptionist or as a health care practitioner), you must have come across innumerable debates and discussions about the future of medical transcription. Has the medical transcription industry reached its dooms stage? Or will it continue to rise as unaffected? have been some of the most frequently asked questions!    

Medical transcription was already a popular niche because every doctor or physician required an experienced and skilled transcriptionist to transcribe their voice recordings into digitized texts. However, the medical transcription industry received more traction when the United States Department of Health and Human Services introduced its health care reforms in 2010. These health care reforms through revolutionary stirred the medical transcription community. So let’s list what were these health care reforms and what did they entail? Well, in 2010, the US Department of Health and Human Services introduced EMR’s (Electronic Medical Records) also known as EHR’s (Electronic Health Records). These Electronic Medical Records were to be implemented in all the health care institutions across the country. This system was not optional to the health care institutions. It was established as a mandatory requirement by the affordable health care for America act! This health care reform by the United States Department of the Health and Human Services along with the voice recognition software wearied many medical transcriptionists. Many health care professionals along with the medical transcriptionist professionals wondered if the new health care reform will pose a threat to their jobs but fortunately, that is not the case!

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So, let’s discuss why medical transcription jobs are not threatened by these new health care reforms? Well, it is basically because the job of a medical transcriptionist is like various other technical jobs that require the professionals to be skillful! Medical transcription is a high skill job that values experience.

Initially, the job of a medical transcriptionist was to listen to the voice recordings, analyze the discussion in the recordings and then transcribe them into medical reports. However, today an experienced and skilled medical transcriptionist can not only transcribe but can also edit voice recognition draft reports and proofread these reports. Since the career of a medical transcriptionist is forever evolving, it requires experienced and skillful professionals who are always keen on learning new techniques so that they are current with the industry!

The future of the medical transcription industry was also threatened by the advent of a new technology in the health care industry, voice recognition software’s! When this voice recognition software also known as the speech recognition software was introduced to the health care industry, it was speculated by many professionals that the medical transcription industry will now be on the decline. However; the integration of voice recognition software into the health care did not pose any threat to the medical transcription industry. Instead, it created a demand for a professional and experienced medical transcriptionist to edit and proof read the software generated transcribed document.

These health care reforms and the advent of new technology made everyone realize that no matter the type of technology introduced into the health care systems, there will always be a requirement for an experienced medical transcriptionist to review the documents so that 100% accuracy can be ensured. The new technology can transcribe the documents in a faster and an easier way but it cannot ensure the accuracy of the document. The software generated reports will need to be re-read, edited and proof-read. Thus, the demand for an experienced medical transcriptionist is not extinguished in the industry. That’swhy you can always see the medical transcription companies looking for the experienced and talented medical transcriptionists.

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In summary, the future of medical transcription industry seems promising! It is important to note that the health care industry will keep on evolving and along with it, its’ professionals should too! If you a medical transcriptionist currently wondering about the scope of the industry and your career, we will advice you that the medical transcription industry is here to stay! And you can stay current by honing your skills and educating yourself with the new technology and various medical niches. 

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June 9, 2019

What are the Key Skills that an Employer seeks in a Medical Transcriptionist?

Medical transcription is the process of converting voice recordings of the doctor or the physician into digitized texts. The Medical transcription process requires the medical transcriptionist to be not only competent in understanding the medical terminologies but they should also be proficient in transcribing the voice recordings within a specified amount of time.

In a nutshell, it’s all about having the speed without compromising on the accuracy of the report – The balance of these two factors is what an employer should seek in a transcriptionist so let’s look into the key skills that can help you, as an employer to distinguish such a medical transcriptionist:  

  • Proficiency in Medical Terminologies: This is one of the most important and the first key skills that an employer seeks in a medical transcriptionist. While it is a fine practice to refer to the medical dictionary, doing so always can waste a lot of time which is why proficiency in medical terminologies is considered to be of prime importance! This skill is most likely skimmed through by an employer when seeking to hire a new recruit. Proficiency in Medical terminologies starts with a basic knowledge of regular medical and surgical procedures, anatomy as well as physiology. It’s also an added advantage if the transcriptionist is skilled in understanding medical terminologies of specialized areas like urology, neurology or cardiology.
  • Grammar Proficiency: In addition to being proficiency in medical terminologies, they should also be extremely proficient in grammar and punctuation. This should be the next key skill that any employer should focus on! The reason is to do so is simple – Medical transcriptionists create reports and documents for doctors and physicians hence, these reports need to be not only accurate technically but they must be free of any punctuation or grammar errors. Also, any incorrect grammar poses the potential to change the meaning of the entire sentence which is why it is absolutely essential that the medical transcriptionist is skillful in applying grammar rules and correcting any incorrect punctuation.
  • Adept Listening Skills: Amajor chunk of medical transcription work is about listening to the physicians’ voice recordings and writing which is why one more key skill that an employer seeks in a medical transcriptionist is that they should have strong listening skills! Medical jargons can often be complex and there might be instances when the voice recordings may include 2 or more speakers or speakers with heavy accents – In such cases, you need a medical transcriptionist that has absolutely adept listening skills. If the transcriptionist can listen better, they can analyze better which helps them to transcribe the reports with utmost accuracy.  Thus, the ability to listen intently is an invaluable skill in the field of medical transcription!
  • Strong Research Skills: Very often, voice recordings of the doctor or physician will include various kinds of medical procedures, details of the doctors and hospitals. Even though a transcriptionist is experienced and is aware of the various medical terminologies, it is not always possible to know each and every terminology which is why they should be open to researching anything that is not coherent to them.  
  • Attention to Detail: This is akeyrequirement for any job but how does it apply to a medical transcriptionist? When it comes to the health care industry, it is absolutely essential that the type of medication and the administration of dosage forms are accurately noted. Any incorrect entry of detail can significantly change the meaning of the transcribed report; hence it is absolutely crucial that the medical transcriptionist is attentive to each and every detail of the transcribed report. 
  • Excellent Typing skills with Speed and Accuracy: The next skill requirement that an employer seeks in their transcriptionist is that they have excellent typing skills. This does not necessarily mean that they are fast in typing. It means that they should not only be fast but they should also be able to type with absolute accuracy! The productivity of the medical transcriptionist increases significantly when speed is intertwined with accuracy. 
  • Multi-tasking Skills: This is one of those skills that may be overlooked but it is a key skill that employers seek when hiring a medical transcriptionist. Very often, the transcriptionist has to type while listening to the transcribed document which in itself requires the ability to multi-task. In addition, the medical transcriptionist needs to be aware of the various approaching deadlines.
  • Computer Savvy: Whether the medical transcriptionist is going to be working from office or remotely, they will be required to use transcription software’s on the computer to type and listen – This is requirement of the daily job however; this is not the only requirement. In addition to typing and writing, the transcriptionist will also need to research for any details that are not clear, spell check and use various other transcription tools to ensure that the yielded report is of the highest quality! For these reasons, it is absolutely essential that the transcriptionist is computer savvy – They need to be efficient in using computer application and they should also be able to navigate themselves on the web.   
  • Analytical Skills: And finally, one of the key skills that an employer seeks in a medical transcriptionist is that they have strong analytical skills! This is essential because there will be few transcription roles that will be more complex than the others and they will require that the transcriptionist poses strong analytical skills to catch any type of inconsistency in the documents. Medical transcriptionists with strong analytic skills are able to transcribe complex voice recordings and yield error free documents.

These were to list some of the few key skills that an employer looks in a medical transcriptionist. It is absolutely essential that the transcriptionist is not only adept with the medical terminologies and the jargons of the industry but they are also able to incorporate this knowledge in an efficient manner to yield high quality error-free reports on a daily basis. Eyered transcription services are one such medical transcription service provider that understands how these skills are key to providing a quality service to their clients. We ensure that our medical transcriptionists are experienced and skilled so that the quality of your medical report isn’t compromised.

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May 30, 2019

How do I get the best radiology medical transcription services

Radiology reports such as the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), X-rays, CT Scans and Ultrasounds are extremely crucial in deciphering and determining the next course of treatment for a patient. The voice recordings and the dictations of these radiology reports must be very accurately transcribed. An accurate analysis of the radiology report and its correct documentation enables the physicians to take the right steps towards treating a patient. It also, in turn, allows health care professionals to deliver optimal and high-quality care to their patients.

Today, radiology and imaging reports are very commonly outsourced to medical transcriptionists but analyzing and documenting radiology records is a very specialized domain. A medical transcriptionist who focuses and on radiology medical transcription services is often referred to as a radiology transcriptionist. One can expect to receive high-quality radiology transcription if they opt for an outsourcing company that has good experience in transcribing radiology documents.

There are various companies that offer radiology transcription services but to narrow down the very few who offer impeccable and high-quality medical transcription services has always been a cumbersome task for health care professionals! You will often observe that the best radiology medical transcription services are provided by the company who are not hesitant in hiring certified and experienced medical transcriptionists and deem such employees as an investment. Though this may seem as very obvious, you will notice in your search that there are very few medical transcription service companies who understand how crucial this factor is and how it directly affects the quality of your transcribed document.


In addition to hiring experienced and certified radiology transcriptionist, there are many other factors that too, directly affect the quality of the transcribed document and hamper the service of the medical transcription service provider. Following is the listing of these various factors:
These factors will help you distinguish the best radiology medical transcription services from other outsourcing companies so that you can hire the best medical transcription service provider for your practice:

• Interview your radiology medical transcriptionist: It is advisable to ask your medical transcription service provider to schedule an interview with the radiology transcriptionist before finalizing a contract with them. You need to ensure that they are qualified and experienced.

o If you are seeking to hire some of the best radiology transcriptionists in the medical transcription industry for your radiology reports, then you must ensure that they are well educated and have a minimum of a graduate degree.

o Your radiology transcriptionist should have adequate experience in various medical areas. These areas may range from understanding medical terminologies and physiology to anatomy and to ensure this, you should seek to hire a certified medical transcriptionist (CMT). While certification is voluntary in this field, hiring a CMT will ensure that your radiology reports are being transcribed by a transcriptionist who has significant experience in various specialties.

o It goes without saying that a radiology transcriptionist should not only possess the ability to read and analyze MRI’s, X-rays, CT-scans and various other radiology reports but they must be an expert in doing so.

o An experienced radiology transcriptionist should be aware of various medical laws and any regulatory affairs relating to the radiology domain.

• Interview your radiology medical transcription service provider as well: In addition to ensuring that the transcriptionist handling your radiology project is experienced and certified, you must also ensure that the medical transcription service company you are about to finalize your contract with is seasoned in handling radiology transcription projects.

• Quality assurance and a multi-level review system: It is essential to ensure that your transcription service company is keen on delivering a high-quality document to you.
You, the health care provider can ask your service provider if they have a multi-level review system – This system allows the document to undergo stringent quality checks so that the transcribed document is free of errors. Another way to ensure that the outsourcing company has a robust quality check in place is by ensuring that they have an internal Quality assurance team. The internal quality assurance team ensures that the multi-level review system is being correctly performed and according to the process.

• HIPAA compliance: HIPAA compliance is a very important factor that you must ensure when opting to outsource your radiology reports. It is crucial that the outsourcing company’s services are HIPAA secured and they adhere to HIPAA guidelines at all times! In extension to HIPAA compliance, the medical transcription service provider must also ensure that the transcriptionist handling your radiology and imaging project has been trained to be HIPAA compliant and understands the importance of protecting and securing patient data at all times.

• Quick TAT: The best radiology medical transcription services will ensure that they provide their clients with impeccable transcription services within a quick turnaround time! Hence, it is absolutely essential to ask your transcription service company if they have adequate resources so that your transcribed medical report is delivered to you within a short frame of time.

• Better quality with an excellent service: Some of the best radiology transcription service companies ensure that their clients receive a service that will improve both, the quality and accuracy of their transcribed documents. You can inquire with your service provider the quality level and the type of service that you can expect through them.

• Dedicated project managers: Some of the best transcription companies understand that dedicating a project manager to their clients often yields accurate results and you could inquire the same with your transcription service company.


While looking for an outsourcing service provider, it is absolutely essential to consider factors like HIPAA compliance, data confidentiality and quality assurance to ensure that the transcribed document is of the highest quality. These factors that have been listed above will help you in determining and selecting the right radiology medical transcription service provider for your practice!

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May 27, 2019

Big Advantage of outsourcing medical transcription services

Outsourcing medical transcription is a hot topic in healthcare nowadays. It has become the largest resource benefit among healthcare providers, doctors, hospitals, clinics, and out-patient surgical centers. Medical transcription outsourcing is an area of the medical industry that is known for skilled and qualified and individuals with special skill-set healthcare providers. That take their practice to the next level in terms of accurate documentation and record-keeping. For decades, the healthcare industry has allowed its employees to provide in-house patients accounting, and note dictation services which often takes away valuable time from the daily operations of running a successful practice.

    Outsourcing medical transcription provides practitioners with more time to interact with their patients in order to make their treatment plan more effective and focus less on their organizational documentation.  It is very important for a doctor to provide the exact reports concerning treatments, surgeries, medicines of each and every patient those are under their care.

There are numerous advantages of outsourcing the medical transcription service to a medical transcription company:

Report Accessibility Can Be Improved:

Many times we lose the report of the patient because of many reasons like not enough data storage or staff renewal. But transcription services providers keep secure for many years. The big advantage of outsourcing medical transcription service is that it permits secure, password-protected users to access and search for old medical records with powerful keyword tools. They can access, view and print or distribute medical documents to multiple destinations through the internet, making sure high levels of patients confidentiality at every stage.


The sole work of transcription is to address the voice into words correctly. The professional transcriptionist understands this. The quality of the job of a transcriptionist is the accuracy of recording what is said. An attentive ear is required to pay attention to the details of the patient. This is not a simple job for everyone. A minor mistake can be the reason for the medical practice to lose a valuable patient for life. Furthermore, It can also become the reason to provide a patient with the wrong treatment plan. Therefore, medical practices should outsource their services to medical transcription company they know and trust. Eyered Transcription provides all the advantage of comfort, convenience, and trust medical professionals need. To edit the patient’s file become a priority when data entry notes need to be added to the medical history files. Outsourcing medical transcription services provide the hassle-free and stress-free environment to each and every employee of your organization.


The purpose of a job is to make things convenient for everyone. Medical professionals and healthcare staff need to be flexible most of the time. However, when patients are sitting in the lobby waiting to be seen, and time is of the essence, note dictation might take longer time than usual to complete. By outsourcing medical transcription services, this task will no longer affect in-house productivity or patient care. Outsourcing makes things more convenient that is cheaper,  manageable and customizable. When we make outsourcing a permanent part of the practice, then everyone wins. People are seen sooner and the medical staff becomes more productive.


By outsourcing transcription services to any medical transcription company, the workload of a clinic or company can be reduced simply. Each day is not the same for every business, sometimes you are high volume clinic. In such conditions, outsourcing is a very useful option for any medical transcription company. It makes you sure that the work is returned within a pre-agreed upon time frame. The required transcribed documents may even be available on the next business day. This also gives time to doctors to review and edit the documents of the patients. It also reduces the time that staff will spend looking for documents.

When we try to do all the internal and external work by ourselves, we face so many problems to face apart from our core business. The internal resources we need to achieve the same accuracy and turnaround times as a professional medical transcription service can be considerable- much more than we realize. Such resources consist of so many salaries and staff, specialized hardware and software, quality control measurements, time management, and quality control.

   To outsource the entire job to a medical transcription company, the organization can be free to better concentrate on the core business activities in patient care or in healthcare. The organization can think wisely about where to invest in business expansion. For the smaller clinics, it is also advantageous to outsource this. Smaller clinics work to tighter margins. It can bring some relief for such kind of clinics.

      Whether the practice is small or large, we should make our resources to focus on the core functions, rather than scattering them on a range of non-core functions. It will make your team more efficient as a whole and will drive better resource management across the practice.

Recording and transcribing equipment crosses through many levels of quality and sophistication. Medical transcription company can make you assure that your medical practice is compliant with privacy legislation for your outsourced medical transcription work. The companies that provide telephonic dictation services, you can have the convenience of being able to dictate from multiple locations, and you will not have the limited by a system that is located in your office.

                   Eyered Transcription is the United States based medical transcription company. It has been providing medical transcription services for 20 years across the entire United nation. It is a group of very professional and certified transcriptionists who has more than 100+ happy and satisfied clients. It is worthy enough to bring a solution of your all the problems regarding medical transcription at one place. You can contact us for each and every kind of medical transcriptions that you require for your clinic or for your practice at any time. You will always get a warm welcome from us.

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May 25, 2019

9 Ways Professional Transcription Services Can Benefit Your Services

No matter if someone is a small business or running a large organization, everyone knows the importance of time saved and resources preserved. And even if someone has an assistant or administrative executive dedicated to taking calls or meticulous orders during meetings, conferences, or presentations, it can happen it might not be able to answerable or actionable. For making sure that your organization’s recorded materials are searchable, readable, and easily accessible to key stakeholders, you will need to bring the professional transcription services to handle the timely and accurate transcriptions of the materials as needed.

Here are some ways transcription services can help benefit your business.

1) Minimize the Processing Time: When you hire professional transcription services, you benefit from quick turnaround time it provides. Your projects should have the experience and equipment necessary to perform the task as quick as possible.
                 No longer will you have to ascend through laborious hours of transcriptions as a professional transcription service provider can easily provide you the quality transcription of your audio and video files in the minimal amount of time.  The professional transcriptionists have the qualifications and training to get through your files quickly and accurately in the record time. You will get your transcription files whenever you will need it without delay or error, saving the company time in doing the work itself.

2) Easy To Understand: Medical jargons or notes can be made simpler to understand with the help of the professional transcription services. They have the proficiency to listen to the audio or hearing and convert it into a written document that can be useful for executives or any legal transcription company working on that particular case. In simple words, journalists or medical practitioners will get help with important notes.

3) Reduce Your Workload and Voicemail Response Time: If you’re like numerous companies today, You have a virtual voicemail solution that can handle the digitalized recordings and also offers limited transcription automation. By processing those files and sending any overflow customer service or sales calls to a responsive, reliable transcription partner can help your team sort through and prioritize their responses, helping you save energy, time, and of course money.

4) Reduces Overhead While Improving Quality: Hiring a professional medical transcription company can reduce the anxiety placed on administrative professionals or the in house transcriptionist who might not be so qualified or skilled as compared to the dedicated professionals working for the bigger firms. In addition to hiring, HR benefits, salary, and training costs, T department can save on specialized transcription and computer equipment important to an effective transcription solution by offshoring to a dedicated firm.

5) Enhance Efficiency: Professional transcription companies involve the use of advanced and modern tools making it easier to upload, share, transfer, and download a file on a secured platform. Specialists can exchange information online to streamline to the work process much more conveniently. Digital copies also rule out the possibilities of damage or the loss of notes as each and everything is stored online.

6) Allows You To Focus On Your OPerations: Working with outsource transcription services allow you to focus on your core operation with a single interruption that takes place from the delivery side. Your employees will be able to proceed with their job duties and not have to spend long hours listening and transcribing audio and video files with the proper equipment and training.
   Your business will continue thriving as it focuses on what it does the best – serve its customers. You will have not to interrupt the regular flow of responsibilities due to transcription of long files.

7) Secured Storage Of Contents: have you ever lost your important data to an unforeseen technical glitch in your company’s server or your own laptop. You would not love to risk doing the same to your transcripts which has contents from your business meetings or plans for your upcoming important big projects.
   Most of the medical transcription companies have highly encrypted data storage system. Hiring the services of a medical transcription company ensures that your files are stored securely in their file vaults and you have not to worry about their safekeeping.

8) Audio/Video Processing Difficulties: Transcribing the content might seem easy when the audio quality is excellent, without any background noises and involves 1 or 2 speakers. But when there are multiple speakers or there is any problem in the audio quality due to poor recording apparatus ar background noise, then it seems like a tough nut. While you may not be equipped to handle such situations, transcription have experts who can very easily clean the audio, remove background noises and transcribe your recordings.

9) Saves Money and Time Both: The first and the foremost advantage for business when you outsource your transcription service will definitely save your time and money that will be definitely saved. If you have an in-house team for transcription, you will need the right tools and the equipment, as well as experienced professional transcriptionists to do this. It will definitely cost a lot to any organization or company. Transcription might not be interesting job since it takes time to produce quality files. When you hire a professional transcription company, you will get timely transcribed files and you will be able to cut the additional overhead costs. Another big advantage when it comes to professional medical transcription companies, they do have of so many years of expertise transcribing many different files.

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How can medical transcription service companies integrate and implement quality assurance procedures?

Barring a few, most of the health care processes directly or indirectly affect either the revenue cycle management of a physician or the wellness of the patient which is why the documentation of health care processes has always been deemed as a critical step among the health care professionals! Any discrepancy in the documentation process is a cause of concern and needs to be immediately and effectively resolved. The reasoning for this is simple: Any incorrect or missed out data can lead to the hampering of current and future processes hence it is absolutely essential that not only each and every detail is documented accurately but there is no detail that has been spared from the documentation process!

Medical Transcription, an allied health care process is one such process that relies completely on the accurate documentation of details! For a medical transcription process to be carried out with the utmost accuracy, a medical transcriptionist has to very astutely listen to the physicians’ voice recording’s, analyze them and transcribes them into digitized texts that are the medical reports. Now, any misunderstanding in analyzing these voice recordings or the exclusion of any medical data from the transcribed report will result in data loss which in turn can hamper the future health care processes. For these particular reasons, it is absolutely essential that medical transcription processes are integrated and implemented with thorough reviews and robust quality checks!

If you are a health care practitioner or a service provider, you probably are all-ready aware that maintaining medical transcription services at a high quality is not always an easy task however, it is not also entirely impossible either! In order to offer medical transcription services that are error free, one needs to place utmost importance on performing Quality Assurance (QA) procedures. So let’s discuss what should be the quality assurance procedures for medical transcription services:

  • The reviewer should always ensure that they review the transcribed reports against the voice recordings and not simply read the reports. Only reading the reports will help to correct for any typographical and grammatical errors but it will not ensure incorrect or accidental omission of data.
  • QA procedures of your medical transcription services should include accuracy scores in a percentile format! This kind of a format ensures that the final transcribed report that is yielded is of the highest quality. The American Association of Transcription (AAMT) recommends and expects medical transcription service providers to follow the following quality parameters:
  • 100 % accuracy needs to be maintained with respect to critical errors which mean when it comes to providing medical transcription services, there is no room for critical error. The healthcare service provider needs to ensure that the transcribed report is thoroughly reviewed and accurate.
  • With respect to any major errors, the accuracy goal for the final transcribed report has been recommended as 98 %.
  • And finally, with respect to all the errors including even the minor errors, the final transcribed report shall not have accuracy less than 98%.
  • In order to ensure that your medical transcription services are effectively implemented with the quality assurance procedures, one must set forth the various guidelines and standards that the medical transcriptionist needs to adhere to beforehand!
  • To ensure that the transcribed report is of the highest quality, it is recommended that the quality reviewer reviews the final transcribed report according to the industry standards! American Association of Transcription lists the expectations of the transcription industry standard in their AAMT Book of Style. The reviewer can refer to the guidelines mentioned here for rectifying any punctuation or grammatical errors.  
  • And lastly, in order for any QA procedure to be effectively implemented in any medical transcription service company, there has to be an effective communication between the reviewer and the medical transcriptionist. The feedback provided by the reviewer to the medical transcriptionist should be timely, constructive and consistent! The quality reviewer should also include references or any other resources in their feedback so that the medical transcriptionist is able to understand and eliminate these errors in the future.

The goal of performing quality assurance procedures should not only be to review the transcribed document but they should also be able to implement strategies so that the errors are not repeated by the medical transcriptionist in the near future. This is possible through productive feedback and effective communication between the reviewer and the transcriptionist.

The process of carrying out quality assurance procedures may vary within the various medical transcription service providers but it is important to implement a quality improvement plan within the medical transcription process: 

  • The first step is to conduct timely and unbiased quality assurance reviews. This is one of the most important steps in improving the quality of medical transcription services!
  • The errors identified by the quality reviewer should be noted. These identified errors should then be reviewed along with the medical transcriptionist.
  • The next step of the quality plan is to ensure that the identified errors are corrected by the medical transcriptionist within a specified timeline. It needs to be ensured that corrective action has been taken and that the errors are rectified!    
  • The transcribed document will be reviewed again to ensure that all corrective actions were taken. If the accuracy of the document is still not adequate, then the medical transcriptionist needs to be further evaluated and if required should be re-trained for the process.  

QA procedures can only yield high-quality reports and maintain the accuracy goals when each and every employee of the medical transcription services whether that be the medical transcriptionist or the quality reviewer understands the importance of documentation integrity. The integration and implementation of quality assurance procedures within medical transcription services shouldn’t be only robust and regular but they need to be performed with due diligence. Eyered transcription services is one such medical transcription service provider that not only integrate and implement QA procedures but they also understand how QA processes help in yielding high quality transcribed reports!

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