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November 29, 2018

What Makes Medical Transcription a Valuable Tool for Dental Medicine?

Before discussing, the importance of medical transcription in dental medicine, let’s first understand its meaning.

Consulting more than one dentist for a teeth issue is not a new thing. However, when you visit a new doctor, you may be asked to go through all the medical tests and X-rays again. But with medical transcription, it is not required anymore. For instance, a periodontics transcription service provider may record every information about your treatment. A detailed patient record can strengthen information between different doctors and specialists and help them arrive at the best possible treatment for you.

When you visit a doctor, the physician will record all details of your current and previous medical ailments, prescribed medicines along with reports and tests into an audio file. A medical transcriptionist listens to this audio file and transcribes this information into a document. This document has become a crucial part of your medical history which can be easily accessed by doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals as and when the need arises.

Now let’s understand the importance of medical transcription services in a dental field:

1. Nursing and other support staff can make use of the patient record as a guide on patient care, including warning signs that should be looked into. It also helps in ascertaining the exact dosage administered and necessary testing samples, which may be required by lab technicians.

2. Systematically created medical records can be used by billing and coding staff to facilitate easy settlement of insurance. Whether it is periodontics transcription or any other transcription services, accurate medical transcription is essential to quicken the insurance claim settlement process.

3. Medical professionals, nurses, hospital administrators and others can spend most of their time helping patients and make other things happen efficiently in the backend. If you are a medical professional who is tired of sitting for long hours in front of a computer screen for a long hour to track a report or chart of patients, you can benefit from outsourcing medical transcription. For instance, if you avail periodontics transcription services, you can use audio dictation to record medical notes, reports and other necessary information.

4. Money and time saving are another big benefit of using medical transcription services. As a nurse or any other healthcare professional, you only need to record voice notes with the help of a smartphone app, and you are instantly ready to move to your next work.

5. At last, maintaining medical records become necessary as per the law in certain cases. These documents can serve a valuable tool in case of legal cases. With medical transcription services, it becomes easy to do so.

Medical Transcription: The Outlook

The relevance of medical transcription has increased in the overall healthcare system. It is further expected to rise. Not every patient, their family member and other medical professionals can hear and understand keynotes. In order to open up information and make it accessible, those working in healthcare can benefit from medical transcriptions to make things easy for others, especially for people with disabilities. Further, digitalized medical transcripts can make it easy to share and distribute information to those who require it.

After being transcribed, it is possible to store a patient’s records or database in a hospital for quick retrieval anytime.

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Contact Eyered, a leading medical transcription services provider, by phone and email to get more information about our dental transcription services, process along with other related aspects.

Our dental medical transcriptionists are fully vetted to ensure accurate and quick work. Our team is experienced enough to comprehend all of the medical jargon and phases associated with medical transcriptions.

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November 27, 2018

Know all about workers compensation transcription services and benefits of outsourcing

As per law, it is mandatory for employers to have workers compensation insurance to cover their employees against work-related injuries. Acting as the wage replacement, the insurance policy helps in compensating the injured workers or their families. In return, employees or their families don’t file a case against the employer.

If an employee gets injured while working at a company, which has bought the worker’s compensation insurance policy, the claim process should follow a standard procedure for the claim to become valid. Only it can ensure the timely and proper claim settlement from the insurer, without hassles.

The insurer settles the claim on the basis of the doctor’s reports. If claims are questioned by the insurer, the case can go to court. Here, also it is essential to record legal proceedings. Workers compensation transcription is the proper documentation of all these events.

In order to avoid any kind of errors in documentation, lawyers and doctors outsource the task of workers transcription services to a trustworthy transcription provider. Outsourcing workers compensation services help the legal professionals to get their reports transcribed with minimum errors.

Overall, workers compensation transcription services are offered to cover lots of procedures, like an initial record of injury, general correspondence, if any, disability claims, reports, verification reports, casualty reports, follow-up notes.

Benefits of outsourcing workers compensation transcription services:

In-house workers’ compensation legal transcription needs considerable time along with resources. Outsourcing these jobs to a transcript that employs trained transcriptionists will ensure you get the following benefits:

  • With the transcription tasks, professionals can get the transcripts neatly organised and ready for reference whenever needed.
  • By outsourcing transcription services, legal professionals can focus on their strengths and offer better service to their clients
  • Cost effective transcription services from experienced transcription provider can curtail your operating costs
  • When you outsource transcription services, you can enjoy cost savings. You can save costs on infrastructure, office space and other costs which otherwise would have spent on in-house training.
  • Transcriptionists of reputed companies are well-trained and experienced. They are well versed in all types of workers compensation records.
  • Once the transcription is done, all the text reports are thoroughly checked to ensure quality. For this, all good workers compensation transcription providers have a strong quality assurance team. In most of the cases, in order to provide 99% accuracy, their levels of checking are done, which includes editors, proofreaders and legal editors.
  • Most of the transcription service providers offer customised turnaround time which can be 24 hours or less, as per the needs of a client

Are you looking for workers compensation transcription services?

Because workers compensation claims are carried into legal proceedings, it is essential that it should be accurate. However, it can be daunting due to the extensive details and long investigations. Omitting even a minute detail can dramatically alter the result of a claim. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a trusted transcription service provider. At Eyered, you can choose the right worker’s transcription services which would come with complete confidentiality of information and solutions at easy rates. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing workers compensation transcription services:

  • Efficient and experienced transcriptionists well-versed in medical terminology
  • Rounds of quality check
  • Error-free transcription service
  • Instant voice file uploading facility
  • Secure transfer of file through FTP or another mode
  • Reduction in workload for doctors and layers
  • Reduced turnaround time

Here you can also opt to free trial to ensure the complete value for money. Some of the services covered under workers compensation transcription are:

  • Disability Claims
  • Insurance Reports
  • Follow-up Claims
  • Initial injury or medical reports
  • Witness reports
  • Medical records submission
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November 27, 2018

Why should cardiologists go for medical transcription service?

Whether it is cardiology clinics or cardiology departments, the right documentation for all cardiology-related medical reports is essential to the success of any physician and doctor. As a cardiologist, you should go for medical transcription services because of the following benefits:

Easy charting: Dictating medical notes has become quick and easy with smartphone apps, digital recorders and toll-free phone dictation. Further, saving time and money on administrative paperwork is a big benefit. A physician is only needed to dictate notes into a device. Once it is done, the doctor is ready to check the next patient in a matter of a few seconds. Then oral notes will be typed, and proofread to find errors. Moreover, the physician can get back the notes within 24 hours and can easily file them. When you use medical transcription, you don’t need to search for lost files or comprehend hand-types notes. Indeed, it is a boon for medical professionals, nurses and others, who can now spend more time helping their patients.

Boost accuracy: Your medical transcription service provider will give you several levels of quality control to ensure the recording is free from incorrect medical terms, typos or misspelt words. In fact, these providers have trained transcriptionists for cardiologists. Such transcriptionists can help you with your requirements.

Save both time and efforts: Whether your doctors want to spend more time with patients or want to take a break from their work, with medical transcription services, it is feasible to do so. Now your resources don’t need to spend time catching up on charting. You can simply outsource medical transcription work.

It also encourages cost savings. If you don’t want to have an in-house team of medical transcriptionists, you can outsource it. For a moment, think about the costs that you would have to incur on salaries, insurance, payroll and providing various facilities to your in-house team. However, outsourcing would cost you half of the amount that you would otherwise spend on your in-house team of medical transcriptionists.

Quick claim processing: When you use medical transcriptions, insurance claim settlement becomes easy. Your chart notes will always be in the proper order to expedite the processing of insurance claims.

Enhanced patient’s privacy: Sometimes you face such cases where the patient’s privacy should not be shared with the hospital computers. When you experience such situations, there is no need to write down what you have recorded. Instead, you can (a) keep it between you and your patient, (b) delete the information from the record, or (c) Keep the unedited version and send the edited version to the computer. In this way, your medical transcribed copy will have all the complete information about your patient without compromising on privacy.

Cardiology Transcription Services: Customised As Per Your Needs

At Eyered, we understand that cardiology medical transcription services can have a vast range of focus, including blood vessels, heart diseases, coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiac disorders and more. Our team of experienced and trained cardiology transcription experts understands the complexity of cardiology terminologies that is unique to the sector.

With Eyered working for you, we assure you that deadlines are met, and quality is followed. Our quality assurance team proactively monitors and checks the complete process in order to ensure superior quality. Here are some of the cardiology medical transcription services which we provide:

  • Cardiovascular risk assessment
  • Diagnostic and invasive cardiology
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Heart failure management
  • Rehabilitation
  • Procedure notes
  • Acute cardiac care

For more details of our cardiology medical transcription services, contact us now. Reach out to us for a free trial.

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November 19, 2018

How to Hire Skilled and Reliable Medical Transcriptionists?

As the medical transcription services industry is growing exponentially, it is now easy yet difficult for a health care provider, medical practitioner or any healthcare unit to find and hire a medical transcriptionist. It is easy to hire any transcriptionist, but it is difficult to hire only skilled transcriptionist. The better way is always to hire a medical transcriptionist through company engaged in providing medical transcription solutions for over years. If you are looking for medical transcription companies to fulfill your transcription needs efficiently, here are some tips to choose the best service providers:

  • Competitive medical transcription companies have dedicated team that works hand-in-hand with the client to evaluate resources, timing and cost issues to develop and implement a service program that will best fit their preferences and needs.
  • Your chosen medical transcription company must meet the HIPAA standards. The company must put great emphasis on security issues to assure that your documents are not misused. They should be preferably utilizing 128 bit HIPAA compliant encrypted file transfer methods or through Toll-Free dial-in system. Any kind of patient detail must be accessed by transcriptionists only by providing an encrypted password.
  • They must have expertise in handling medical documents and must keep themselves abreast with the latest medical terminology. They must be well versed with the terminology used in various medical fields like cardiology transcription, radiology transcription.
  • Cost is one of the many factors considered for selecting medical transcriptionists. Many offshore healthcare practitioners and heath care units turn to medical transcriptionists in developed companies
  • Most of the good medical transcription companies are nowadays offering atheist seven-day free trial services. These no obligation trial services allow you to know about the quality of the work offered by them. It helps potential clients assess the accuracy of our transcription, see the delivery of all the files, and overall functioning of the system.
  • As medical transcription industry is growing rapidly, most of the good companies are embracing newer technologies like speech recognition software.
  • A reputable medical transcription service generally have a team of skilled typists to make sure your reports are delivered within strict deadlines. Many companies also offer rush or 24-hour turnaround times.
  • Most reputed medical transcription companies have transparent terms and conditions. They make it easy and secure to work with them. Most of the good companies make it easy for clients to upload files through a browser, smartphone, or simply send it in via email. You can also choose how you’d like the reports to be delivered such as user account, email delivery or browser.
  • Your chosen medical transcription company must have experience in providing transcription related to your specific fields. For instance, if you are looking for medical transcriptionists for a pathological lab, they must possess experience in providing radiology transcription services. In this way, you will be able to rely better on their skills and expertise.

Medical transcriptionists  play a vital role in maintaining patients’ record history and other important documents. When you hire skilled medical transcriptionist, they provide valuable assistance that leads to improving the efficiency of health care service providers.

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November 19, 2018

Online Medical Transcription for Fast & Accurate Transcription

Medical transcription is one of the fastest growing segments worldwide. As the complexities in healthcare industry are growing and there has been increase in work pressure among healthcare providers, many of them have started getting assistance from online medical transcription companies for transcribing medical documents.

Accurate transcription is vital to assure ongoing care of a patient as well as for other administrative and legal uses. As the internet has become easy medium for exchange used by global businesses, it is popularly utilized by transcription companies to serve their clients all across the globe.

Online medical transcription companies reduces the work load of physicians as well as they also reduce the risk of legal disputes. More and more businesses are nowadays opting for online medical transcription to get error free transcripts. It has become a valuable assistance for individual physicians as well as healthcare service providers in many ways:

  • With many reputed medical transcription service providers offering online transcription services, it has eliminated the need and worries of running an in-house transcription team. Healthcare providers can get access to skilled transcriptionist in real time. It has not just improved the quality of patient care, but also improve the workflow of a medical practice.
  • Many online medical transcription companies located in developed nations provide access to skilled and certified transcribers who work 24*7, 365 days, so you get all documents transcribed on time. It saves lots of time and efforts involved in transcribing documents. In other words, it eventually saves precious time of the primary health care service providers.
  • Online medical transcription companies hire skilled, knowledgeable and certified medical transcriptionists well versed with all sort of medical terminologies, document structuring and grammar, so as to assure that transcribed documents are free from any errors.
  • Once the transcription is completed, it is examined by a skilled editor for proofreading, formatting and grammar check. After the required editing and pruning, it is delivered to the physician for reviewing it.
  • When medical records are accurately and appropriately maintained, enhances communication between doctors and specialists from various disciplines. It also helps them to arrive at the best diagnosis by using the flow of information. Medical transcribers are skilled in providing accurate medical records to assist medical practitioners in the best possible manner.
  • As there is now keen awareness among healthcare facilities as well as healthcare professionals to maintain accurate medical documentation, there is tremendous growth in the medical transcription industry in the recent years. From individual medical transcribers to medical transcription companies, healthcare professionals have now a plethora of options to choose from.
  • If you want to reap the benefits of online medical transcription, it is important to choose a reputed company having a team of skilled and experienced medical transcribers. They use the talented people and latest technology to deliver superior quality transcription services.


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