How Transcription Services Can Help Your Business

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How Transcription Services Can Help Your Business

To those unfamiliar with the term, a transcription company takes care of all your transcription needs – by taking any audio, video, or real-time information, and directly transcribing every word, groan, pause and stutter into the written and typed form. Many companies either try to hire their own transcriber, or they shrug their shoulders and decide that, against better judgment, transcription services are a waste of their time.

Transcription services are more than just a matter of convenience – for many industries, they’re a matter of necessity and standard procedure. And when something is that vital, you want it done right – that’s where a reputable, experienced transcription service comes into play.

Save Time and Money on Hiring

The transcription business is a tough one. Freelancers are a dime a dozen, but the quality of their work and the timeliness with which they operate is questionable at best. A dedicated transcription firm has standards to follow, a reputation of several people to uphold, and much more at stake (and to offer) than the lone individual.

Additionally, hiring a transcription service will save you money in the long term, and can even save you time-based on how experienced a freelancer would have been.

Get Guaranteed Quality Transcription

Quality transcription services have better controls in-place than an individual employee or self-employed contractor l would – the pressure of meeting deadlines and keeping the work clean and qualitative lies on the company, rather than your business.

If things don’t work out, well. Breaking off a contract with a company is substantially easier to do than fire an employee yourself.

Be Prepared for Any and All Legal Matters

Transcription services might sound trivial, but they play a huge role in keeping your company financially and operationally sound on a legal basis. By having written records of every official business discussion, you ensure that you keep a record of proof for the origin of every idea, concept, and decision the company makes.

This is more than useful in the long term, and if ever a copyright claim, claim of unlawful behavior or audit comes around, you’ll have more than enough evidence hanging around to prove that you’ve done nothing to offend the law.

Transcription Services Can Work In Any Industry

Transcription services are flexible, and important to a business of any industry – from medical providers such as hospitals and private clinics looking for someone to keep a detailed, perfect written record of every procedure and client, to entrepreneurs and business coaches looking for someone to transcribe their seminars and meetings. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics points out medical transcribers are often wanted.

Companies hiring can also take advantage of transcription services like Eyered Transcription, by offering an interview transcription for future reference, thus giving employers the ability to make better, more informed choices by allowing them to review each interview individually on paper.

Transcription Services Are Necessary For Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs and business coaches need marketing material – and they need time. Spending your time as a marketer transcribing video to typing is a waste of that time, especially when you consider how affordable many transcription services can be, as evidenced by the way competition has increased since the introduction of online productivity tools, as a statistic on notes. The return on investment in a transcription service, however, can be invaluable.

Many coaches and entrepreneurs also need ways to easily turn their thoughts and words into grammatically-correct, similarly coherent writing. People can have a gift for speaking but may have trouble putting the same quality on-paper – with transcription services, that worry is eliminated.

Keeping a transcript of seminars and speeches also helps businessmen evaluate their performance on-stage, and keep track of the things they say with more ease than audio or video.

They’re Vital to Large Businesses

Every business needs to keep dedicated minutes of the meeting position – but what if instead of jotting down the gist of a meeting on a point-for-point basis, the company makes an entire transcript of each meeting? It may sound tedious – but not when you hire a transcription service.

In the hectic environment of lively office meetings, some details tend to be missed, voices can go unheard, and ideas could lose their chance of seeing the light of day. Avoid the mistake of thinking that condensing an entire meeting down into concise bullet points doesn’t risk a loss of quality in the information gathered that morning – don’t take that risk, and make sure every detail is immortalized for future review and consideration.

They’re a Lifesaver for Attorneys

In the legal profession, keeping a record of everything ever said in any and all business and legal proceedings is essentially a necessary given.

Whether you need a transcript of all communications between themselves and their clients, or whether they need a personal transcript of spoken case notes to avoid losing focus while working on defense, having a talented and grammatically-skilled transcriber working for you through a transcription company can make your job a whole lot easier. As MTatHome notes, professional transcribers can write at a speed of 80-100 words per minute. The efficiency speaks for itself.

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