Ways Transcription Services Can Benefit Your Small Practice

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Ways Transcription Services Can Benefit Your Small Practice

More and more practices are looking to outsource medical transcription services nowadays, and recent technological advances have made the benefits of transcription even more apparent, and subsequently relevant. According to statistics gathered at MedGadget, the global medical transcription market is expected to reach a value of over $60 million by 2019, and with the implementation of electronic health records and voice dictation technology, now is the time to take advantage of everything a transcription service has to offer. When you’re running a small practice with a minimal amount of staff, you’ll want to make sure that every minute of your time counts, and that you’re spending more time with patients and less time managing paperwork and files while sitting in front of a computer.

Here at Eyered Transcription, we boast an exceptional medical transcription business, offering quality service with a high level of efficiency and productivity to get you what you need, as accurately and as quickly as possible. Read on for five ways that our transcription services can help benefit your small practice and optimize you and your staff’s time in the office.

Access to Professional Expertise

With our transcription services, you’ll have access to hundreds of our full-time medical transcription professionals, ready to handle your dictated text with quick turnaround time. Since transcription is a skill that requires a high level of experience, our services will supply you with the immediate satisfaction that comes along with a skilled, qualified employee. You’ll avoid the potentially lengthy search and hiring process for an in-house transcriptionist. With our service, the best of the best transcriptionists have already been found for you.

It Can Save Your Money

Not having to hire an in-house transcriptionist comes along with its own extra set of benefits, as well. You’ll wind up saving money, as you won’t have to worry about paying another full-time staff member to work with you in the office. And with our services, you also only pay for what you need– we charge you by the line of text, which makes our service conveniently scalable for you and your budget. It’s easy to see the difference in the cost of our services, versus the costs of a full-time salary plus any charges related to recruiting and training.

Increase the Productivity of Your Staff

With our services, you won’t have to worry about having a staff member available to hastily type up your notes into an electronic medical record as you dictate them during an exam. Your staff will be able to spend less time at the computer, and more time dealing with patients on the upfront and personal level. They’ll be able to focus more on answering patient questions, answering phone calls, and giving you the preparation and assistance you need for the best patient care. You won’t have to worry about rushing through patients in order to get to paperwork or to grab some time to update your notes. You’ll be able to focus your productivity on where it matters most– patient care and office operations– rather than having your staff organizing loads of paperwork or trying to keep up with the transcription of piles upon piles of chart notes.

As Inc. notes, the use of electronic medical records has already reduced extra work around the office, and by using our services, you’ll save even more time, as you’ll be able to simply copy and paste our secure transcription files into your patient’s electronic chart.

Accuracy and Guaranteed Compliance

Not only will you receive accurate transcriptions from our professional staff, but you also won’t have to worry about HIPAA issues. According to Medical Economics, making sure that HIPAA violations are avoided and that your practice is completely compliant is one of the top challenges that physicians face. Our transcriptionists are well-trained in HIPAA compliance, and we can guarantee that all of your files will be electronically delivered in a safe, secure, and confidential manner.

One Less Thing For You To Manage

Without having to worry about in-house staff handling your transcription, you’ll have more time to handle other important aspects of your business. Running your own private practice can be busy, stressful, and complicated, but having a transcription service for your notes and charts can make everything a little bit easier for you. While using a dictaphone or other handheld recorder, you’ll be able to quickly and accurately speak your notes, and rest assured that they will be handled and transcribed with professional accuracy. You won’t have to worry about them again– just dictate, and let us handle the rest. Once again, you’ll be able to put your focus where it matters most– with your patients.

In this age of electronic health records and continuously advancing technology in the medical world, there’s no reason not to make the change. Keep your data up-to-date, accurate, and well organized with our convenient, skilled transcription services.

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