Enhancing Patient Care with Specialized Medical Transcription Services

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Enhancing Patient Care with Specialized Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcriptions and EMRs (electronic medical records) go hand in hand, though when compared with each other medical transcription has various benefits, for example, transcription services make it easier and faster for a doctor to utilize electronic records system. Medical transcription services have enhanced the use of EMRs and helped physicians save time, by transferring the data-entry, clerical tasks to transcribers instead of documenting it themselves.

Medical transcription outsourcing makes things even simpler as all the requirements like managing staff, records, HIPAA compliance, technology, equipment maintenance, turnaround time and other variables linked to medical transcription services are also outsourced. Various organizations have enhanced patient care by outsourcing medical transcription services to specialized organizations. Some of the benefits acquired by outsourcing the medical transcription services are-

Increased Time for Patients

Dictation is a speedy way of completing clinical documentation and medical transcriptionists can easily find any errors and look into the quality of the documentation. In this case, the physician’s workflow and productivity are not affected and in fact gets enhanced further, giving them more time to focus on their patients and giving their full attention on patient problems without needing to worry about documentation.

Enhanced Clinical Performance

With audio records converted into medical transcriptions in a timely manner with medical transcription outsourcing, it becomes very easy for the doctors to enhance the care process, in turn also helping in handling risk management and accounts receivables more effectively. Easy to use technology and accurate medical records help doctors in sharing relevant data with other medical staff improving overall treatment of the patients.

Timely data also assist doctors in utilizing specified modes of delivery of documents to other healthcare facilities. Hence good documentation goes a long way in guaranteeing healthcare innovations and overall enhancing clinical performance to a great extent.

Reduced Expenses

Outsourcing medical transcription services rather than doing the in-house help substantially reduce many in-house expenses and increase the profitability of a clinic. The reduction of expenses include lower direct labor costs, reduced training area expenses, lowered HR and administrative costs and most importantly elimination of annual maintenance costs for maintenance of digital and transcription equipment, hence proving to be highly cost-effective for the doctor’s clinic.

Skilled and Experienced Staff

By outsourcing the services clients benefit from the significant industry experience that the medical transcriptionists have acquired due to working with so many varied customers. By specializing in medical transcriptions they are updating their knowledge constantly, hence producing superior medical records of high accuracy.

High Quality and Accurate Medical Records

Due to working with so many medical records the medical transcription service providers are constantly updated and adhere to the globally standardized, HIPAA Compliant Medical Transcription Process and also ensure that all the multi-level QA procedures have been followed. The QA procedures generally keep in mind- editing, proofreading and reviewing of the finished records. To increase efficiency the transcription service providers are constantly measuring performance and imposing penalties on the transcriptionists to ensure that the turnaround times and quality levels are met.

Infrastructure Investment Lessened

Investment in expensive medical transcription equipment can be avoided by outsourcing the process to a specialized firm. Operating a full-fledged medical transcription service requires, blocking a certain amount of funds to invest into high-end dictation equipment, along with updated software for transmission, downloading, typing and submitting dictations. This amount saved can also be utilized in enhancing the treatment infrastructure further.

Avoiding High Attrition Rates

With the medical transcription industry highly characterized by high attrition rates, outsourcing the service greatly helps in averting the challenge to an external entity. In this way, the hospitals and clinics remained unaffected by high employee turnover levels.
Seasonal Fluctuations in Staffing

Winter seasons witness a rise in patient consultations and the holiday seasons healthcare organizations tend to be highly short-staffed, hence a major advantage of outsourcing is that these seasonal fluctuations and patient capacity do not let the workflow and productivity of the organization get affected.

Hiring, Training and Administration activities reduced

Medical transcription services are needed across all sections 24* 7, including the emergency room procedures. By outsourcing their transcription services healthcare facilities and hospitals can substantially reduce time, resources and effort spent on hiring, training and maintaining medical transcription staff on their payroll. Hence, a sizable staff requirement is completely eliminated with the process outsourced.

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